Nyer Urness House Groundbreaking

We broke ground on the Nyer Urness House in Ballard on February 21, 2012.
Architectural rendering of Urness House

This new facility will provide affordable apartments to 80 formerly homeless individuals. Construction will be completed around March 2013.

Bishop Boerger at the Groundbreaking Ceremony
Bishop Boerger
shovelers at Urness House Groundbreaking
Buck Hard, Paula Skartland, Peter Struck, Bishop Boerger, Mike Bang, Pr. Kristy Daniels
Quilts for residents made by Ballard First Lutheran and Queen Anne Lutheran

Pastor Nyer Urness


Rev. Nyer Urness served as Compass Center chaplain from 1989 to 2006.  His ministry was at the heart of the Compass community, and it is in memory of his gracious spirit that we name this project after him.