At Compass on Dexter, a place for second – and first – chances

Carla and her son J’Carlo, 7, were among the first people to move into
Compass on Dexter, our affordable housing for families in South Lake Union.

At Compass, we believe in second chances. Everyone deserves the opportunity to overcome whatever barriers they might face in life. But too many young people in our community don’t even get a first chance at success. They watch parents battle health problems or struggle to find a job, share in the trauma and anxiety that come with a lack of housing, and slip farther behind their peers in school. They are the 32,494 students in Washington State who are homeless.
That’s why we built Compass on Dexter, our new home for families. In a beautiful new building in Seattle’s vibrant South Lake Union neighborhood, Compass on Dexter offers affordable apartments with support services for 72 households, most of which are families coming directly from homelessness.
Carla and her 7-year-old son, J’Carlo, were in those circumstances when they moved into Compass on Dexter. Having been homeless nearly all of J’Carlo’s life, the family was among the first to move into Compass on Dexter after it opened in October of 2014. Today they have a place of their own. And J’Carlo, once a statistic, is getting that first chance he deserves.
We’re debuting our 2015 agency video, featuring the story of Carla and J’Carlo, at our Beyond the Sea auction Saturday, March 14.
It is with tremendous gratitude that we thank Carla and J’Carlo for the opportunity to share their story with you.