Volunteers Help Create a Caring Community

We recently honored our volunteers of the year, nominated by different Compass Housing Alliance programs for their dedication and impact on those we serve. Our volunteers serve meals, create kids programs, offer haircuts, and help around the office. Because of our volunteers, we are able to make a bigger difference. These are just a few of the many people who make our work possible.

Amy Hardie and Wendy Lundin-Clark

Amy and Wendy have served dinner at Peter’s Place on Thursday nights for over two years. Every Thursday, our guests look forward to spending time with them, checking in, and sharing news. Amy and Wendy have learned all of our guests’ names and show true interest in their lives. They celebrate their triumphs and empathize with their hardships and struggles. From the start, Amy and Wendy have treated each guest with unconditional respect and love. They have taken the simple task of serving dinner and turned it into an opportunity to create meaningful bonds with the men and women they serve. We are grateful to have Amy and Wendy as a part of the Compass Housing Alliance community.

Stina Nesbit

Stina volunteers twice a week at Cascade Women’s Program.  She willingly takes on long term filing and organizing projects, assists residents with tasks around the building, and conducts our weekly screening of phone applicants.  Her presence truly has made all our jobs easier and more enjoyable!

Stina has a very welcoming and giving spirit.  She is dependable, friendly, inquisitive, and kind.  Above all, she is always willing to help out staff or residents without any judgement. Stina understands that even the smallest job impacts our community and has a positive influence on our residents. Her giving and compassionate nature has led her to begin pursuing her master’s degree in psychology, in the spirit of helping others.

Pastor Kari Lipke

Kari Lipke is the Pastor at The Garden, a growing community of faith that shares a strong partnership with Gethsemane Lutheran Church. Kari reached out to Compass on Dexter right as we opened. Conversations led to the development of a week-long summer camp for our children titled Earth Care Camp. More than 35 volunteers have been involved in putting it on since 2015, providing all of the food and supplies. The camp creates opportunities for kids to build relationships with one another and the volunteers. In addition to the camp, Kari has created The Neighbor Program, which is a group of committed volunteers who offer childcare for mothers attending our women’s group every Sunday.  Thank you, Kari, for helping us grow and put down roots here in South Lake Union!

Renton Lions Club

The Renton Lions Club is a long time partner of Renton Veterans Center. The Club leads by example in the community. They pick up trash to keep the city clean and hold donation drives for basic needs and household items.

Club members treat our residents as valued members of the community and work to build connections for a more safe, caring community for all. We thank the Renton Lions Club and their leadership for all they do!

  • Chris Johnson, President
  • Jim Brown, Chair
  • Rosemary Reichert, Co-chair
  • Betty Brown, Lead

Irene Gehring

Irene Gehring has come to the Pioneer Square Men’s Program every Monday night for over 6 years to give haircuts.

Whether one or several men show up to have their hair cut, Irene creates her own welcoming world in the 2nd floor community room. She engages with residents while cutting their hair and talks to those who show up to visit. We thank Irene for her dedication, warmth, and care.


We are so thankful for these and all our volunteers for making a difference in our community. They embody our values and help create a safe, caring community for all.