Youth Group Makes a Difference with Tacos and Cupcakes

Nestled in the heart of Shoreline, Ronald Commons is home to 135 residents, including families with pets, Veterans, and persons with disabilities. Ronald Commons opened in February 2017. It provides 60 permanent affordable housing units and supportive case management services to our community.

For newer residents, building connections with their neighbors plays an important role in  creating places of belonging and healing the trauma of homelessness. That’s where the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church‘s 9th grade confirmation class of nine youth and three adult leaders came in. They wanted to make a difference and leave a lasting impact. Tacos and Cupcakes were a deliciously perfect fit!

Taco Bar & Cupcake Decorating

The youth created a tasty taco bar with all the fixings for guests to enjoy.  Over the meal, the youth and residents connected with each other, helping to forge new bonds and friendships between neighbors.

To create a special experience for youth residents and their parents, the group created a cupcake bar with fresh baked cupcakes, frostings, candies, fruit and more.

Group members and parents helped the children make delicious  treats which they proudly showed off and enjoyed.

A Community Kitchen for Today and Tomorrow

To ensure there were plenty of supplies for other volunteer groups, the class generously donated everything Ronald Commons needed for their community kitchen. Donations included pots, pans, measuring cups, glasses, utensils, silverware, cookie making supplies and more.

Youth leader Tammy shared, “The kids had so much fun and would love to do it again! This experience meant a lot to them.”

It meant a lot to our residents as well. As one Ronald Commons resident shared, “We all had fun and I got to meet some really friendly people. This place is really starting to feel like home.”

 We are thankful for group volunteers like the confirmation class from Holy Spirit Lutheran Church! If your group is interested in volunteering, reach out to