A Gentle Path to Warmth, Safety and Housing

By Pastor Julie Hutson, Luther Memorial Lutheran Church

Recently, our congregation said a ritual farewell to the Fellowship Hall and kitchen at Luther Memorial Lutheran Church in Greenwood. Why is this significant? Because it represents our congregation’s choice to take action against the homelessness crisis by helping to meet the need for affordable housing. To that end, we are providing space—a parking lot and the Fellowship Hall—to make way for Compass at Broadview. This project will bring 59 units of permanent and affordable housing to the Greenwood neighborhood.

Messages of Hope and Blessing

It was an inspiring moment to witness. Following prayers, we asked everyone to write blessings and share their hopes and messages of gratitude on the walls. We didn’t tell them what to write, we just offered markers and turned everyone loose.

We were so blown away by what they wrote. Many of the messages shared personal memories. Among them were heartfelt wishes for laughter, hope, housing, warmth and safety for those who will find homes at Compass at Broadview. I was really filled with thanksgiving that night!

As a people of faith, we strive to care for those who have been pushed to the margins of life. At our church, giving up a parking lot and a building is about making a space for our neighbors. We wait with much anticipation. We pray for those families, wherever they are now, that their path to housing will be a gentle one.