open-door “From what I know about Compass, this is one of the best programs around.”


Tracy remembers the person who moved into the Cascade Women’s Program just a short time ago – reserved, withdrawn from others, retreating to her van a few times each week.
“That had been my home,” she explained. “But it didn’t take too long for me to feel so much better, after I got my place here.” Some of the pleasures of her new place are simple, such as to wash her hands or brush her teeth whenever she wants. Others are transformative – to no longer feel vulnerable or be constantly on her guard. She can sleep now, restfully and through the night.
“I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t always on the lookout,” she said.
“From what I know about Compass, this is one of the best programs around,” she added. “Compared to where I was, I feel I’m in Heaven.”
Tracy also knows that Cascade is only a waypoint on her journey out of homelessness. She has been working diligently to find permanent housing, updating her information on waitlists with affordable housing providers and working with our case managers for additional support.
Tracy looks to her future today with a sense of hope, confident of her path. “This wasn’t the first time I had been homeless,” she said of her time before coming to Cascade. “Only the last time.”

*name has been changed by client request

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