Life on the streets is a difficult, frightening and lonely experience. The Compass Housing Alliance Day Services are designed to help those in crisis work toward increased stability, independence and healthy community life.  Our Day Services encompass the following programs:

Client Services Office

The Client Services Office offers:

  • Mail service for those who are homeless or in need of an address
  • Savings accounts for people who cannot maintain traditional bank accounts
  • Payee case management services through social security for a limited number of clients

Peter’s Place

Peter’s Place is a welcoming space where homeless men and women can find a path out of homelessness. People can seek refuge, meals and basic services as well as connect with case management, entitlements and other benefits, mental health counseling and nursing services. By night, Peter’s Place opens its doors as an overnight shelter for 8 women and 38 men, creating a location for round-the-clock services for homeless men and women in Seattle.

The program is located in South Seattle at 901 Rainier Avenue. To learn more about Peter’s Place, read about our Connect Live Grow capital campaign.

Hygiene Center

  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Laundry