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SEATTLE TIMES Being homeless a struggle, even with a $100,000 job offer

SEATTLE TIMES Homeless IT guy scores his $100,000 dream job

SEATTLE TIMES  Mayor, King County exec declare ‘state of emergency’ over homelessness

SEATTLE TIMES OP-ED  City makes progress for homeless kids, but more details needed

SEATTLE PI  Murray declares civil emergency over homelessness in Seattle, King County

KIRO TV Seattle Mayor declares ‘civil emergency’ as homelessness increases 21 percent

KING TV Seattle leaders declare growing homelessness an emergency

KPLU News  Seattle Mayor, King County Executive sign declarations of emergency to address homelessness

KUOW News Seattle declares state of emergency on homeless


Featured: A Home, and Time to Heal

So much more than four walls and a roof, housing offers security, stability and time to heal. Read on to learn how an apartment at Compass on Dexter is helping one veteran recover from the wounds of war.


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