At Compass Housing, we’re fortunate to have a list of core values to help guide our work and our impact. Those values include Love, Compassionate Curiosity, Engaged Workforce, Stewardship, Advocacy, Community, and Philosophy of Care. Every quarter, we honor those staff members who embody these values through their everyday actions.

Any employee can nominate their colleagues and our Senior Leadership Team select the winners. Internally, we also honor every staff member nominated.

Please join us in celebrating their contributions to Compass!

Quarter 1 – 2024

Tony Dillinger (Maintenance) – Tony has been a member of Compass for more than eight years and is nominated as an exemplar of the Compass Values of Love, Compassionate Curiosity, Building Community, Engaged Workforce, and Care. Tony comes to work with positive energy, a loving spirit, and compassion for those we serve. He also serves on the Compass Safety Committee. 

Meghan McCreedy (Housing, Kalstrom) — Meghan exemplifies the Compass Values of Care and Engaged Workforce. She is kind, affirms others’ feelings, and is attentive to her residents and coworkers. She lessens the burdens of her colleagues and allows them to find balance in their lives. She is reliable and goes above and beyond.

Evlyn Stoner (Counselor, JPP) – Evlyn embodies the Compass Values of Compassionate Curiosity. She is dedicated and committed to supporting and empowering women to succeed and progress in life. Her genuine care and compassion shine through in her interactions with the women we serve. She connects to them on an individual level, lending a supportive ear and advocating tirelessly on their behalf.

Sam Townsend (Community Engagement) – Sam demonstrates the Compass Values of Love. He provides opportunities for staff to engage in community events with volunteers and procures donations for programs, but what sets him apart is his big heart. Sam sees the best in others and when he notices people in pain, he has a strong desire to be a part of their healing. He invests time and listens to people.

Quarter 4 – 2023

Clifton Turner (Program Assistant, Hygiene Center) displayed remarkable Advocacy and Stewardship during a challenging incident at the hygiene center. His trauma-informed response to a guest’s emergency showcased his ability to prioritize care over procedure, ensuring the guest’s safety and managing the situation with professionalism but also with empathy. His actions reflect a strong dedication to service and a desire to advocate for the well-being of everyone he encounters, even in high-pressure situations.

Liza Jolley (Human Resources) is recognized for her outstanding commitment to Engagement (Engaged Workforce) and Community. Throughout the year, Liza has demonstrated reliability in rolling out new training, contributing strategically to her team, and adapting to new systems. Her approach to engaging our workforce and fostering community while prioritizing staff welfare and effective communication is exemplary. Liza’s vital role on our team and her joyous collaboration make her an invaluable asset.

Tracey Cunningham (Case Manager, Broadview) showcases an abundance of Love and Stewardship in her role. Tracey exceeds expectations, enhancing the lives of BDV residents. A standout example is her dedication to organizing Amazon Fresh grocery deliveries. She not only ensures the Community Room is ready but also personally delivers groceries to residents who cannot collect them themselves. This year-long commitment beautifully reflects her love and care for the community we work in.

Delores Grace (Counselor, JPP) embodies Compassionate Curiosity and Philosophy of Care. Her respectful, kind, and supportive interactions with those we serve are a testament to her love and compassion. Delores is a dedicated workforce member and works collaboratively with colleagues and guests to advocate and support women facing barriers like homelessness. Her compassionate suggestions and sense of curiosity have allowed us an opportunity to promote a culture of growth and effective service-delivery.

Previous Winners

Quarter 4 – 2023

Melissa Mendoza, a Counselor at Otto’s Place men’s shelter, is being honored for her steadfast commitment to our Compass Core Values of Compassionate Curiosity and Love. Her leadership in an emotional support group at Otto’s Place has allowed guests to bravely confront their past traumas. Melissa’s profound empathy and care have made a significant difference in our guests’ lives.  

Sidney Pandes, our Advancement Team Development Coordinator, has exemplified Compass’s Core Values in numerous ways, particularly in Love and Engaging the Workforce. Her dedication to our mission and her readiness to assist wherever needed has been phenomenal.  The day-to-day operations she manages may have a tendency to fly under the radar, but not this time! Sidney’s intentional and selfless efforts have created positive change in the lives of others.  

Robelia White, a Case Manager at Don’s Place, exemplifies the Compass Core Value of Love. She consistently radiates positivity and service even in difficult conditions. Robelia has made it a point to uplift and encourage her coworkers as they collectively rally together to bring a new program to life. She is a calming and positive force for program participants and a much-needed friend to the staff that work around her.   

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