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Compass Housing Alliance NAVIGATES is a speaker and conversation series designed to bring our community together to learn, collaborate, and foster understanding by exploring the complex, intersecting issues underlying the homelessness crisis AND what we can do about it.

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On October 4, at 6:30pm, Patience Malaba of the Housing Development Consortium (Compass is a participating member) will be the keynote for a discussion of the upcoming Seattle Housing Levy. We will host a panel of housing experts: Ryan Donohue, Habitat for Humanity Chief Advocacy Officer; Teena Ellison, Compass Housing Alliance Director of Housing Services; and Susan Boyd, Co-Chair of the “Yes for Homes” campaign and Bellwether Housing Chief Executive Officer.

Recorded Events

We will be recording our Compass NAVIGATES programs for our community to access anytime.

The homelessness response system is like the ER (emergency room) and if we want to see different outcomes we need to be pointing to the upstream points where people are entering into the “ER.” We don’t get mad at a cardiac surgeon because someone had a heart attack. Where we need to focus our energy on is we have to prevent heart attacks.

Marc Dones

Here is the recording of the April NAVIGATES with King County Regional Homelessness Authority CEO Marc Dones. They talked about the KCRHA’s 5-year plan.

King County Regional Homelessness Authority’s 5-Year Plan with Marc Dones

Homelessness and Healthcare with Dr. Simha Reddy

De-Mystifying Mental Health with Erika Spongberg

Skid Road with Josephine Ensign, Lessons from our past to inform the future

Program Information

Everyone Deserves a Home. Most people can agree everyone deserves a home, but there are a lot of differing opinions about who, what, why, and how. The challenges we face as a community are many and complex. There is no simple cause and effect for issues like poverty, homelessness, lack of affordable housing, or social justice. These issues are intertwined, connected, and historic. Navigating these issues – and conversations about promising solutions – can be challenging for our community. Compass Housing Alliance NAVIGATES aims to facilitate a path forward by providing a space and platform for community dialogue.

Neighbors for our Neighbors. Compass Housing Alliance is honored to provide a forum where each of us can live out a commitment to our neighbors.

Through this series we hope to:

  • Offer quarterly events both virtual and in-person in numerous formats – Q & A, lectures, community conversations – with a focus on community dialogue.
  • Educate ourselves as a community on the issues of homelessness, housing instability, and poverty with compassionate hearts and engaged minds.
  • Provide an inclusive forum for education, vibrant dialogue, and collaboration as we work together to move the needle on solving these complex issues in our community.
  • Make progress toward attaining Compass Housing Alliance’s shared vision of a more equitable world in which every person lives in a safe, caring community.


We value your voice! What topics would you like us to cover? What issues do you think deserve more attention? What feedback do you have about Compass Housing Alliance NAVIGATES and how to move forward? What additional forums would you like to see for ongoing community conversations?

Send an email to and let us know!

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