The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s new proposed rule allowing discrimination against trans people seeking shelter services is misguided and morally reprehensible. This policy would cause harm to a group of people already on the edge of society. At Compass Housing Alliance, we have always led with love, caring, understanding, and a culture of learning and acceptance. We, therefore, call for this proposed rule to be reviewed and reversed.

Trans people deserve to have access to the same services, shelter, and programs as anyone else.

As many as one in three trans people have experienced homelessness at some time in their lives. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, cutting off safe shelter puts lives directly in danger. 

Compass Housing Alliance serves people based on their gender identity and we will continue to do so regardless of the HUD decision. Our work is grounded in love, humility, and the basic human connection we all share. Our organization welcomes all people equally. We honor the people we serve and walk alongside them on their journey in love.


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