This month in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Compass took even stronger steps to keep our guests and community safe. Because of your continued support and a partnership with the City of Seattle, this month the Compass Center welcomes Otto’s Place, 100 new COVID-19 compliant beds of emergency housing to replace the Compass at First Presbyterian shelter.
The end of our lease at First Presbyterian Church has been a blessing in disguise because it allowed us to dream even bigger and bring that level of care and dignity that we’ve always strived for into a more perfect expression.

Otto’s Place was named in honor of Pastor Otto Karlstrom who founded Compass in Pioneer Square 100 years ago. He had a vision to care for those in need, and we are still carrying that vision forward today. 
Otto’s Place meets COVID-19 safety protocols recommended by Public Health-Seattle & King County and the Centers for Disease Control. The enhancements include individual living spaces spread at least six feet apart and separated solid walls, individual storage lockers for personal belongings, upgraded showers and restrooms, improved air systems, and more along with access to medical care and help with finding permanent housing and employment.  
In the coming months, Compass’s other two 24/7 enhanced emergency housing programs will undergo similar improvements. These new spaces allow our talented staff to take the good work they are already doing and make it even better. Our goal remains to help people get to where they want to go, and our staff is among the best in the area at helping people stabilize and find permanent housing.  
You, this community of support, are what helps Compass make big changes to do more good. However, these needed steps are costly and our expenses of dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis continue to rise as this pandemic worsens. If you want to make our community a safer and more equitable place to belong for everyone, please consider making a gift. 

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