Anthony Williams is a Program Coordinator who works at two of our affordable housing buildings, Dekko Place and the Karlstrom. He works with individuals and families in downtown Seattle and leads with his heart.

Dekko, located in downtown Seattle, is an affordable housing apartment building serving individuals and families who earn between 30 and 60 percent of the area median income.

Located in Pioneer Square, the Karlstrom is an affordable housing program of 23 studio apartments that serve individuals earning 30 to 50 percent of the area median income.

Anthony works at both locations moving back and forth to serve our residents. He is positive and optimistic and makes a real connection with both the residents and Compass staff.

“Feed Greatness!” is how he ends every email and that feeling is evident in how he builds and maintains community even during COVID. In fact, he has an entire plan he calls the Social Distancing Project.

“It only takes a spark to ignite a flame,” he said. “With the residents’ trust, we will get to a good place.”

His plan includes the basics like helping people get food, along with engaging events like socially distanced movie nights and helping residents celebrate.

This last holiday season, Anthony wanted to make sure that the residents got into the holiday spirit. He started wrapping presents, that were practical gifts like queen-sized sheet sets or shower curtains, and hand wrote Compass Housing Alliance holiday cards.

Families also got a chance to write to Santa and he delivered (with a little help from donations from the community).

“We had a volunteer Santa, our Board President Paul Hogle, present presents to the kids,” he said. “Every kid got both things on their wish list and a goodie bag filled with festive items and treats.”

This is just a small example of how the staff at Compass go above and beyond for our guests and residents. It isn’t just a roof over their heads that we provide, it is a real sense of home, of community.

“Iron sharpens iron,” Anthony said. “Where some are strong, some are weak, and vice versa. Connecting a community brings all of our strengths to more prevalence and hope is born. We can now lean on others’ strength when it’s needed.”

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