In honor of our Centennial Celebration, we’re introducing a new day of action to share about the amazing work of our team members and highlight ways that you can “Spring into Action” with us. 

We dedicate this first Spring into Action day to our staff, both past and current. As we celebrate 100 years of caring, compassion, and service, we reflect with reverence and gratitude on the countless individuals who did the hard work to truly serve others, day in and day out. It is through their caring, compassion, and service that thousands upon thousands of lives have been touched. The ripple effects of those positive changes across time are incalculable.  

And the work continues. Right now, around the clock in fact, our staff are working to address homelessness and help each of our residents and guests find stability, growth, and community.  

Our guests are so resilient, and it always amazes me. To know what some of them have been through in their lives, the trauma, and to still have dreams and to just still be standing fills me with compassion and hope. To be able to work with people and see the change in them right in front of you is really rewarding. Compass does this every day. We help people get back on their feet and back to a place they want to be.

-Madi, Housing Navigator at Jan & Peter’s Place Enhanced Shelter for Women

Today, your Spring into Action gift of $50 or more will be doubled up to $10,000! Thanks to the generosity of a special group of Centennial supporters, your gift will go even further to help people experiencing poverty and homelessness on their journey to stability, growth, and community. 

More ways to Spring into Action 

Compass depends on your support to help our neighbors thrive and so that everyone can live in a safe and caring community. Our path forward into a new century of service is exciting. Though it will not be free of obstacles, no matter the challenges we may encounter, together we’re an unstoppable force in building our community. Join us and find your joy! 

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