“It was just like a big weight off my shoulders when I heard about the unit here at Compass.” 

Every year thousands of families in this region are struggling with homelessness or housing instability. We step into the gap and provide affordable, permanent housing. We are both a developer and an operator because we understand that the key to making a real difference in this region is to simply provide more affordable housing. 

We know working with people every day who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability that there isn’t a single story that explains it all. It could be a loss of a job. It could be domestic violence. It could be the simple fact of being priced out. Regardless of how our residents find themselves in need of our services, we treat them all with dignity and respect.  

We’ve heard every story and we believe that everyone deserves a home – a happy ending. 

“It’s more than just landlord to tenant,” said Dalwyn, a Compass Housing Alliance Case Manager. “We don’t just stick them in an apartment and let them fend for themselves. We will get them involved with a food bank or help with rental assistance. Then, we can get to the root problems – for someone to open up to you, you have to build real trust.” 

Right now, Compass Housing Alliance has 670 units of studio, one-, two-, or three-bedroom units, and each building is uniquely suited for the neighborhood and community it lives in. From Angle Lake to Shoreline and West Seattle to Renton, our affordable housing buildings and the families and individuals who live there are diverse, unique, and exactly where they need to be. 

“When I came here (Compass Broadview) when I first got the keys I couldn’t believe it,” said Sophat a resident. “Stepping into this building, sometimes I want to cry because it is a really nice feeling, it makes me feel like I can go on. Because I now have a place to come back to. I actually have a home – and I’m still giddy from that.” 

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