“To me, Black History Month is just about pride,” said Shervin McCammon Program Manager of Pioneer Square Men’s Program and Day Services. “This is a month that we acknowledge the sacrifices and celebrate our aspirations and accomplishments. We’ve come so far.”

Shervin oversees the Pioneer Square Men’s Program and Day Services both located at Compass Center. He has been in the social services field for most of his career and has always put building relationships at the center of his work.

“We’ve had to go through so much to get to where we are now,” he said. “The Emmett Tills, the civil rights movement, the march on Washington. I look at this month as a time to celebrate the walls we have torn down and the opportunities we’ve created for ourselves. I wouldn’t have been a manager 60 years ago. I wouldn’t have been able to come to work and help people and have this platform. I’m proud to be a community leader. I’m proud that people trust me enough to helm these services and talk to me about things that are important to them.”

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