Our Ronald Commons program provides affordable housing with on-site supports in the Shoreline community. Individuals and families with children live in 60 units, all of them have experienced homelessness or were at risk of losing their housing.

It is a joyful, family-orientated community. Program Manager Corinne McKisson and her staff set the tone and are always looking for ways to enrich the residents’ experience.

Recently, the team came up with a plan to install a mural with the help of faith community partner, Shoreline Covenant Church (SCC).

Shoreline Covenant Church has been honored to be a partner with the Ronald Commons staff and residents for over 5 years in support of permanent housing, education, food security, and community development. This current mural project strives to capture the inclusive, healthy, and hopeful nature that the Ronald Commons community represents to us in Shoreline.

Dick Sugiyama, Serve Locally Committee, SCC

Working together, they contacted a local artist named Sydney Simmons who jumped at the opportunity to install a mural in this close-knit community. SCC also contributed funds to subsidize the cost of the project materials and provided a stipend to cover Sydney’s artist fees.

“Art has always been a big part of my life,” she said. “I’ve designed projects of all shapes, sizes, and mediums either by commission or on a volunteer basis.”

It wasn’t an easy journey to get the mural installed. There were hoops and barriers that Corinne had to navigate over the years and the pandemic didn’t make it any easier.

“I told Dick Sugiyama that it had been a dream of ours to have a mural on the corner shed,” Corinne said. “He came to us with the suggestion of a young artist he knew, she had painted a mural at their home. I was beyond thrilled! Coast maintenance staff took it on themselves to do some of the prep work for the project too. They pressure washed and painted a lovely blue primer on the shed.”

Sydney, her mother, and her sister then got to work and created something truly beautiful.

“The residents were so excited to see Sydney,” Corinne said. “I can’t thank Shoreline Covenant Church enough for their faithful partnership.”

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