Our next Resource Fair is on July 13. There, people will have access to varying services and information about healthcare, ID replacements, government phones, veterinary care, and more.

This will be our second Resource Fair of the year and it is a partnership between Compass and Dean Frazier of Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market.

Dean Frazier is a Patient Navigator at Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market. Neighborcare provides comprehensive health care to families and individuals who have difficulty accessing care. They also work with Compass at a few locations directly at Nyer and indirectly at our Compass Center. Dean is a big part of that second part.

He has been organizing, in partnership with Compass, Resource Fairs for our guests, our neighbors, and anyone else who needs to find the right resources to help meet their needs.

“Empathy and caring for each other as human beings cost nothing,” he said. “Just a willingness to take action and do the right thing.”

The next resource fair is on July 13 and this time, there are more vendors than before.

“We have dozens of vendors set to come,” he said. “I’ve handpicked the vendors to represent a wide variety of different resources. I’m really excited about Beyond Project, for example, they are a nonprofit hairstylist group that gives out free haircuts at Neighborcare at Pike Place Market. They will be there at the Resource Fair. It may not seem like a big deal, but haircuts are a way to be seen as a human being. You can see a transformation.”

Dean has been tabling at Compass Center for about a year telling guests about the resources and services that Neighborcare offers, and this will be his fourth Resource Fair that he has organized.

The list of vendors includes Beyond Project, Matt Talbot Center, LIHI, Molina Health, Seattle Veterinary Outreach, Uplift NW, Public Health, Ideal Option, Globe Optical, and many more.

The Resource Fair is open to anyone and will be on July 13 starting at 10am at the Compass Center in Pioneer Square, 77 S Washington St, Seattle, WA 98104.

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