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Barbara and David Swartling

Steve & Cynthia Holmberg

John H Sullivan

Barbara and David Swartling

Barbara and David Swartling have an estate plan that includes Compass Housing Alliance. They’re passionate about leaving a legacy that helps Compass sustain and strengthen its programs for our neighbors into the future.

Barbara and David are inspired by the Parable of the Good Samaritan who turned his good intentions into actions that ultimately saved a man’s life. Being a true neighbor means loving our neighbors in need.

As volunteers, we learned that Compass provides both housing and social services to address the needs of our neighbors as they walk alongside them in a holistic way. From shelters to affordable housing, Compass is a good neighbor! Yet, the housing crisis in our society continues to worsen. In order to continue its good work and expand its ability to serve the growing numbers of individuals in need of housing assistance, Compass will need financial support long after we’re gone. We want Compass to succeed, and that is why we will leave a legacy gift to a good neighbor who shows love to all of our neighbors! 

As Barbara and David shared, “the Good Samaritan showed us that loving our neighbors includes providing both shelter and support for those in need. We invite you to join us in leaving a legacy to help ensure that Compass will endure!”  

Steve & Cynthia Holmberg

Steve and Cynthia Holmberg met as college students and became fast friends.

“We were friends for a number of years, but she moved to Portland, and I went back to Alaska,” Steve said. “Years later we were at a conference together and I realized that I had been measuring every woman I dated against Cynthia – they all came up short.”

Steve and Cynthia started dating and after she moved up to Alaska, even though she hated the cold, they were engaged and married within the year.

“We discovered that we were partners,” he said. “We filled each other’s gaps. We also had similar beliefs, especially about helping others.”

Steve and Cynthia immediately started figuring out how they could financially give back to their community even though they were living off two humble salaries, a teacher, and a computer store administrator. They gave what they could and whenever they got a raise, they also increased their giving.

Over the years, Steve and Cynthia supported Compass Housing Alliance and other mission-driven organizations. Steve says they each chose organizations to invest in with their time and financial support and agreed to support those organizations together.

“We made sure we felt good about the organization’s transparency and stewardship of resources,” Steve said. “Cynthia always liked that about Compass – clear and above-board, she really liked that!”

Cynthia passed in 2021 and Steve wants to honor her legacy by continuing her gifts to Compass.

John H Sullivan

A photo of a building in early 1900s Seattle

John shared his generous parents’ reasons for leaving a legacy of their values with a gift to Compass in a heartfelt letter to us.

My mother and father, Connie and John D. Sullivan were strong supporters of Compass Housing Alliance and included Compass as one of their named beneficiaries in their estate

During my childhood, there were many times that my parents would bring my brother, sister, and myself along with them downtown to help serve meals at the Compass Center. I have fond memories of Compass Center outings with residents as well. With others in our church, First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach, I learned the value and importance of serving others – no matter who they are. These lessons have remained with me my entire life.

While it has been many years since I stepped foot in the Compass Center, I know that the work that Compass does finding housing for people at the fringes of our society continues. Thank you Compass for your continued efforts!

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