For decades, Compass staff at our Pioneer Square Hygiene Center have been doing hundreds of loads of laundry for those surviving outside – day in and day out without incident.  

Until recently.  

It was a typical summer day until it wasn’t. First black smoke came billowing out of the basement laundry room dryer. Then there were flames.  

Fire alarm bells rang, the sprinklers triggered, and all five floors of the building along with our housing program next door had to be evacuated. 

Firefighters eventually extinguished the fire, cutting a gas line in the process.  

Many Compass staff and guests were shaken, some coughing, but thankfully, everyone was OK.  

Between the flood caused by the sprinklers, the fire and smoke damage, the gas line repair, and the replacement dryers, we’re on the hook for $20,493.  

Help us minimize the impact of this unexpected cost by giving today. 

Thanks to generous supporters John and Katie Gienapp, every gift of $50 or more will be matched up to $2,000.  

As a token of our gratitude, Summer Appeal donors will be entered to win one of three pairs of Seattle Seahawks August 16th training camp tickets. We’ll be drawing the winners next Monday, July 31, and will reach out via the contact information on file to notify the winners.

Thank you, Seattle Seahawks!  

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