Throughout this week, we are expressing our gratitude to those who have played pivotal roles in making Compass the life-changing organization it is. It is a tradition called Gratitude Week, and it is quickly becoming one of our favorite weeks of the year. 

Today, we are highlighting our gratitude for the amazing work of a volunteer, the steadfast support of a corporate partner, and the long-time commitment of two of our dedicated supporters. 

Volunteer Highlight 

Compass Community Engagement Manager Sam Townsend, recognized an extraordinary volunteer named Clair Deidda 

Clair Deidda is the Outreach and Justice Director at A Seattle Church. She and her family moved to Seattle from South Africa last July and have hit the ground running. We’ve been building a relationship with Clair since January of this year, and she has been an amazing volunteer who has taken it upon herself to lead and support several programs at Compass! 

Through her leadership, A Seattle Church helped with different projects for several of our programs: an after-school event at Compass on Dexter, organizing our big in-kind closet, and a massive two-day event that transformed the garden and outdoor space at Cascade Women’s Program! A Seattle Church even treated the women at Cascade to a beautiful outdoor brunch in their new space! 

This holiday season she is spearheading Christmas Caroling at Otto’s Place men’s shelter and is helping to decorate both Otto’s and Cascade! 

We are thankful for her passion and intentionality and look forward to all the wonderful things that will come of this relationship. Thank you, Clair! 

 Corporate Partner Highlight 

Corporate Relations Manager Karen Wilson shared a message of gratitude to one of our corporate partners, Amazon 

We are grateful for all our corporate partners who support Compass through grant funding, in-kind donations, sponsorship, employee giving, and volunteerism!  This year, we share gratitude for our friends at Amazon. They expanded support for Compass with regular donations of food, furnishings, and good old-fashioned elbow grease to benefit the people we serve.  

Amazon leverages its logistics operations to deliver surplus grocery items straight from their Amazon Fresh warehouse to residents in our affordable housing communities in Broadview and South Lake Union. The weekly donation delivery ranges from 200 to 1,200 pounds and can provide incredible support for families and individuals who are facing cuts in SNAP benefits while grocery prices continue to skyrocket.   

When the team at Amazon’s Galaxy Studios wraps up a photo shoot, they donate many of the featured furnishings, household goods, and props to families and individuals moving into permanent housing with Compass. This new partnership has brought joy and relief to new residents who often move in with little, if anything, to set up their new homes. Pictured below are items donated from their Back-to-School/Off-to-College campaign! 

The hard-working, scrappy, and relentless team of Amazon Community Operations leaders from Spain, London, Dallas, DC, North Carolina, New York, and even Seattle (!), transformed Compass on Dexter this summer. They demoed, built, pressure-washed, swept, and cleaned their way through the program – providing a fresh start for a fabulous summer!    

As a long-time Compass resident shared, “These donations, and showing up to volunteer like this, shows us that we are not alone on this journey.” Thank you to Amazon, and all of our corporate partners, for your support. 

Supporter Highlight 

Mission Advancement Officer, Anne Jannetti expresses her thankfulness to two of our long-time donors, Jim and Judy Borrow 

Jim and Judy Borrow are each long-time, deeply committed supporters and close friends who are passionate about Compass’s mission. They have been quietly living out our guiding belief that “Everyone Deserves a Home” for decades.  

With strong community ties, both Jim and Judy are talented leaders, including Jim serving on Compass’s Board of Directors and Judy in leadership roles in their church. Jim and Judy show the way and engage others to also give of themselves and their resources: from financial gifts to volunteering in Compass’s programs, to Jim and Judy each hosting a table at Compass’s HOMEWARD Gala, and so much more. 

Jim and Judy help Compass walk alongside our neighbors in need with love and generous hearts that create a sense of belonging for each member of our community. Jim and Judy lift us up. They care deeply about homelessness issues and often want to engage others in conversations to learn and explore what we can do about it. 

Thank you, Jim and Judy! You are an inspiration! 

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