Everyone Deserves A Home

As the new President of Compass Housing Alliance, I often share with folks that being voted into this position has been both a pleasure and a privilege. It is a privilege to be entrusted with the care of another person, to help others, and to witness the incremental improvement in the lives of those we serve throughout the year.

The pleasure lies in the service itself. With this mentality, I join Compass and others to deliver on a mission that I believe resonates with most folks in Washington State: ensuring that every child, parent, and adult has a safe place to call home.

The past year has tested our resilience and, for many of us, our hope. A seemingly relentless wave of disheartening stories has captured the attention of our community. While such episodes are disheartening and not uncommon in cities across the country, what sets our city apart is you. You, and the kindness you embody, underscore the very essence of why we are here—to endure, to support, and to uplift.

Individuals like you are also the reason we have been able to reach a new and exciting milestone. Don’s Place, a health-through-housing project in partnership with King County and the City of Auburn, will celebrate its grand opening in January 2024. Although the site is partially operational now, this event will mark a pivotal moment in our mission. Don’s Place will transition 90 individuals off the streets and into shelter. The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, an independent federal agency tasked with preventing and ending homelessness in America, will join us to celebrate our shared vision of building a community where everyone has a home.

My predecessor, Mary Steele, spoke candidly of the struggles we face and the decades of legal practice that drew her to the organization. My journey to Compass is different, but the destination is the same. After years of government service and community building, what drew me here was not a departure from my past but a continuation of advocacy for those who are unsheltered and often voiceless.

I recall meeting a veteran at one of our Seattle shelters. His story was one of hardship but hope. In his eyes, I saw a reflection of my own loved ones, past and present, and understood that our work goes beyond mere shelter—it’s about restoring dignity and nurturing the potential within each individual.

At Compass, we don’t just provide housing; we strive to create homes, foster communities, and kindle hope. Our mission transcends words on paper or a flyer; it boldly presents itself in the hearts of everyone who works here. As we face the headwinds of economic uncertainty and the lingering impacts of the pandemic, our passion is only strengthened by the knowledge that together, we can overcome any challenge. But we won’t be successful without your help.

Our year-end goal is ambitious yet critical: to raise $500,000 to propel us into 2024 with the resources necessary to support those who rely on us. This Christmas season, I invite you to join us in answering the call of our residents and their families.

Every contribution, no matter the size, is a step towards a brighter future for our sheltered and unsheltered neighbors. Let’s continue to be the change we wish to see in the world—together.

With great appreciation, love, and hope.  

Michael Bailey
President, Compass Housing Alliance

P.S. Thanks to a very generous anonymous donor, now through December 31, your gift of $100 or more is matched up to $4,000!!

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