Heinrich works as a maintenance technician at our Compass on Dexter location. He usually starts his day by grabbing his broom and making sure the outside grounds are cleaned up. He then looks at his work orders for the day and fills them as efficiently as possible. 

“I pretty much do anything and everything in the building that needs fixing,” he said. “I do the grounds, trash, and overall maintenance of the building. But a job like this is more than just fixing things, you know? I really care about the people.” 

Heinrich cares because he knows what it is like to struggle. 

“I grew up on the lower-income side of things,” he said. “My mom and I had to move around a lot. We were homeless at some points and living in shelters. Having lived through that, I have a different perspective than a lot of people. There is no judgment coming from me.” 

Heinrich has always been good with his hands. After a close call that nearly cost him his life, he reevaluated what was important to him. He sought out meaningful work that would use his skills. 

“I submitted a lot of applications in a lot of different places,” he said. “But I wanted to work here because these are my type of people, you know? I grew up the same as many of these residents, and I understand the challenges they face. And I want to support them and help them turn things around. I feel like it is my calling.” 

At Compass, we believe that everyone deserves dignity and respect. Heinrich lives that through his work every day, and he knows that sometimes it is the simple things that make the biggest difference. 

“I stop and talk to the residents,” he said. I can be that ear for them, and sometimes that’s all someone needs to make their day. I’m going to school right now, and eventually, I want to get into mental health counseling. I just want to help people; that’s my goal.” 

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