A few weeks ago, Korey was one of the first guests to move into our new emergency housing program, Otto’s Place (click here for Part 1). He wanted to share his thoughts about the hope he has found here. 

Before I got to Compass, I was at a different shelter in the city. I never felt respected there, it was like I was just taking up space, stuck. I was depressed and hopeless and just waking up and falling asleep. It wasn’t until a former guest of Compass at First Presbyterian (CFP) talked to me about what Compass had done for them that things started to change. 

Compass changed my life. 

I didn’t know that I was even entitled to something as wonderful as this. The staff at CFP and now Otto’s Place are all wonderful people and Miss Nikkole leads them with heart. Now I feel like I’m someone who is worthy of being cared for and important.  

I deserve a chance to get back on my feet and move forward and not be just stuck. 

At Compass, we have house meetings, and we talk things through as a group. The staff don’t show any favoritism and they take care of us equally. Whenever the staff look at me, it’s like an extension of Miss Nikkole. They treat me like family. Theryn, Sofia, Richard, Melissa, Miss Dorsey, Ezekiel, Steven, they all go above and beyond. They make me feel valued.  

When I first rolled into Otto’s Place and I saw my space, I cried.  

Before, I was hopeless. Homelessness gets in your head. It feels like a hopeless situation, but not here at Compass. I’m in this beautiful building, that all of us keep clean, and everyone is here to help me. The staff never rush me, they never tell me my time is up.  

Otto’s Place isn’t my house, but it is my home for now. 

They are helping me get into my own housing and in the meantime, I have a place that is clean, safe, I can do laundry, I can see a nurse, this place has everything except a full-blown doctor! 

I got something to live for. 

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